Chronicles & Tales
Ellis J. Wells

Interviews - Dan Popescu

Dan Popescu - Singer - Basso Profondo
Role: Gorgon

Hello Dan, I hope you're well in semi-isolation (Brasov - Romania) and not driving your neighbours too crazy with practicing opera! I'll start simply and ask what was your first exposure to Shakespeare, if you can remember?

Hello Ellis. I am very well and my neighbours are also well since now we are allowed to practice in the theatre. There are hopes that we will come back to (almost) fully normal activities after September 15th. To answer your question my first contact with Shakespeare's plays were the BBC Television Shakespeare series that I saw at the Romanian National Television in the 90's.

What is Shakespeare like in Romania?

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Interviews - Jack Westgate

Jack Westgate
Role: Soldier I

What Shakespeare role which you haven't played would you love to do?

Hamlet! I feel like any opportunity to play Hamlet would be any blessing for any actor although I think I am still a little too young to play 'the Dane.' it’s also pretty good to see on the CV that you have played Hamlet. I think I would bring a bit of a playfulness and angst.

Did you have any experience with "Timon of Athens - Misanthropos" before this project? - Seeing it on stage, being in it before, reading it at university, etc.?

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Interviews - Bruce Kitchener

Bruce Kitchener
Role: Lucius

You're incredibly prolific in your Shakespeare work on stage (both comedy and tragedy), what gets you excited about acting Shakespeare on film?

In some ways the stage seems ill equipped to deal with many of the themes in Shakespeare's plays. Epic battles are followed by intimate encounters and large-scale ensemble scenes. Film offers a broader canvas and more complex palette.

What do you take away from the story of “Timon of Athens” - Misanthropos?

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