Interviews - Cast - 2023 - EMILY CARDING - Role: Praxilla - Principal Photography (2019-2022)

Interviews - Cast - May 2023 / Principal Photography (2019-2022)
Interviewee: EMILY CARDING - Role: Praxilla
Interviewer: ELLIS J. WELLS - Role: Lucilius

Interviews - Cast - May 2023 - EMILY CARDING - Role: Praxilla - Principal Photography (2019-2022)


Celebrated General and esteemed nobleman Timon of Athens has spent his life and fortune generously bestowing gifts, favours, and feasting upon the citizens of Athens, both rich and poor alike. Facing bankruptcy he seeks aid from the many false friends he has adorned with wealth, but as their generosity wains, so too does Timon's patience for the corruption of society.

Adapted by Maximianno Cobra, from Shakespeare's "Timon of Athens", the film exposes the timeless challenge of social hypocrisy, disillusion and annihilation against the poetics of friendship, love, and beauty.